Led by 4 dynamic Power Couples with over 60 years of combined marriage.

PCi serves as a support system to people in committed relationships who want their relationships to flourish and prosper regardless of the consistent waves of challenges that life throws at them.

Each of the 4 Power Couples “Advisors” have unique insights and techniques to accomplish marital bliss.  We invite you to join our next event to meet each Advisor and discover their approaches and philosophies.

You may discover many nuggets of knowledge that may turn your good relationship into a great one. Maybe you will find in one Advisor the trust and knowledge to bring your relationship back from the brink of destruction.

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Repairing breakdowns in communication

Surviving infidelity & betrayal

Effective management of a blended family

Parenting in this crazy social media world

Household financial management

Turning a good marriage into a blissful one

Divorcing your past, not your partner

Reigniting the passion

And many more relationship issues


We are Committed to Commitment

Our work is to inspire & motivate families on various ways to strengthen their family bonds and overcome distractions and adversities that have historically plagued family structures. Join our network and let us help get, and keep your relationship on a path of blissful prosperity.

Meet The Advisors

Brandy & Jermaine Harris

Clarks & Melanie

Muhammad and Unitha

Pastor & Terrekia

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To express an experience of an emotional trial and victory for the purpose of manifesting in others, hope & courage to press forward through their own trials towards their own victory.
As a network of couples who are willing to dig in and work for the victory,
we are here – we are standing – we are together.

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– Jermaine & Brandy




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